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Importance of proper lighting in your bathroom

Specialists in the interior design of your home, Ébénisterie St-Denis manufactures furniture designed to grace kitchens and bathrooms of all styles, whatever your taste. The bathroom is a private space that has to give the impression of comfort and complete safety. As a sanctuary where you can enjoy shutting yourself away, it must be designed to safeguard your privacy.

Bathroom lighting
If we take the greatest care to offer you pieces of outstanding quality and design, that’s because we are convinced that bathroom lighting demands special attention. It is a fundamental element, essential to guaranteeing that your bathroom becomes a functional and relaxing space where you can unwind. And we take care to ensure the perfect integration of our fittings, in complete harmony with your furniture and decor.

Good bathroom lighting must serve several purposes. It must first give off a light that is as close as possible to natural light, in a context where the room is not always equipped with large windows or openings towards the outside. Bathroom lighting must also help create a warm, decorative atmosphere. But it must also be adapted to all of the bathroom’s fixtures and furniture, whether that means fitting them into the ceiling or installing them in a closet or a linen cupboard. The area around a shower or bath isn’t lit in the same way as either side of a mirror for your facial care treatments or for putting on your make-up perfectly.

We dedicate a lot of time to seek out all of the lighting options we offer by touring specialist shops to guarantee you a diverse choice that respects all current legislation. The products we select for bathroom lighting are the result of the latest technological advances: LEDs, Xenon, Halogen and Neon, alongside expert control of energy consumption.

If you require information on adequate bathroom lighting options, feel free to communicate with us.

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