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The bathroom: a room for everyday living!

The bathroom is an important room in the house: it truly is a room for everyday living and needs to be adaptable for all. Children, adults and older people must be able to use it in comfort and benefit from all its features. Well conceived bathroom furniture must be functional and provide all the safety necessary in a location where domestic accidents are common. The bathroom must meet the needs of children and adults as well as persons with reduced mobility, with a disability or who use a special device. For this reason, and before beginning any design and installation work for the bathroom, you need to know who is going to be using the space. The goal is to create a room which can be modified over time without incurring high renovation costs. The adaptability of a bathroom extends its life.

Bathroom renos - Ébénisterie St-Denis

A good bathroom needs to combine several qualities: a practical design, ease of use and freedom of movement, adaptability for all, easy cleaning and optimal safety. To meet all these requirements, certain essential elements need to be considered: lighting, the bathroom furniture and the materials used. Working in harmony with the bathroom design, the lighting must be as close as possible to natural light in order to create a pleasant, relaxing environment and to avoid nasty surprises with makeup once outdoors! Ébénisterie St-Denis offers lighting options from the latest technologies available on the market. Countertops must also match the bathroom design, but must additionally offer ease of maintenance.

The bathroom floor covering must not be slippery; switches and other controls must be easy to reach; doors must be easy to open and close; and the bathroom must be fitted with safety rails if required. Toilets, showers and baths are not just bathroom design elements but veritable modules for everyday living integrated into your home. Contact Ébénisterie St-Denis, a team of reputable professionals to work alongside you on your custom bathroom project.

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