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Building eco-friendly furniture

Using renewable wood resources for our furniture

Environment is at the heart of Ébénisterie St-Denis‘ concerns. In this context, we make use of environmentally friendly products in the manufacturing of our cabinets and furniture. In addition, energy efficiency is always taken into account in our production process.

Eco-friendly furniture

Responsible Use Of Wood

Our solid wood supply comes from local forests, which significantly reduces our ecological footprint. By reducing transport distances, the use of local wood reduces emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), a pollutant gas responsible for global warming.

In addition, wood waste is recovered as jointed wood parts or chips. If not distributed to farmers in the area, they are sent to companies that give them a second life.

We also offer veneers made from renewable wood sources. For example, bamboo is highly prized for its aesthetic qualities. In addition to looking great in contemporary kitchens, bamboo is environmentally friendly. It regenerates quickly because it matures after only 5 years.

Products With No Toxic Fumes

Ébénisterie St-Denis uses a hardwood plywood that is free of urea formaldehyde (UF), a substance suspected to be carcinogenic. This plywood, with no toxic fumes, is used mainly in the construction of cabinets. Its unique vegetal adhesive is primarily made from soy flour. It has the characteristic of increasing the resistance of the material to moisture. Not only does it eliminate the use of an adhesive harmful to the health and the environment, it also improves the hardwood performance.

In addition to cabinets that do not emit gases harmful to the health and the environment, all our manufacturing processes have been revised to allow recovery of completion waste such as solvents, and they are optimized for a maximum of energy efficiency.

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