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Cabinet materials

A crucial step in designing a kitchen or a bathroom is choosing the right cabinet material. With all the selection and colors cabinets available, you can either mix-and-match them or opt for a homogeneous look.
Cabinet materials

Wood cabinets

Noble and low maintenance, wood cabinets are prized for its elegance and the warm tone it gives to a room. The color and wood species (mahogany, maple, cherry, oak, ash, walnut, pine, etc.) combinations are endless. Many models of kitchen cabinets are available in all styles.

Melamine cabinets

Melamine has changed a lot in recent decades. The melamine cabinets manufactured today are available in a large number of colors and natural finishes. Most models available are slab models with an outlined edge band of the same texture, or with an aluminum band for a contemporary look.

MDF cabinets

The MDF panels (made of medium density fibers) are very popular because of their durability and their homogeneous physical properties. MDF is the base material of many polyester, acrylic or polymer cabinets. It has a positive environmental impact, as it allows the use of trees that otherwise could not be used for solid wood. The chips are pressed and glued together at high temperature. A wide range of dyes and finishes is offered, and the price for MDF cabinets is affordable.

Polyester cabinets

Resistance and ease of maintenance of the polyester and the possibility to opt for a matte, textured or satin finish make polyester cabinets a popular material. It gives your kitchen a high-end look for a fraction of the price you expect.

Polymer cabinets

For its part, the polymer cabinet will look like an essence of natural wood when choosing a matte finish. A glossy finish is also available, but it is necessary to polish cabinets once a year to conserve a uniform color for many years.

Acrylic cabinets

Acrylic also requires the same maintenance, and its brilliance and color remain vibrant over time. European laminate is very durable and easy to maintain. Its natural texture and contemporary minimalist style are at the heart of its popularity. It is often used along with polymer cabinets.

Veneer cabinets

Veneers allow a significant reduction in the amount of wood used in the manufacture of cabinets, because only a thin slice of real wood is affixed to a panel of MDF. Finally, solid lacquer is ideal for those seeking a custom color. Do not hesitate to ask our design department to ensure you are 100 % satisfied with your new kitchen.

If you require our help, please do not hesitate to contact Ébénisterie St-Denis’ cabinet experts. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new kitchen.

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