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Get a New Contemporary Kitchen with a Kitchen Renovation

One of the best ways to breathe new life into an older home is with a kitchen renovation. With a bit of ingenuity and planning, a kitchen renovation project can transform the feel of an entire home without losing any of its original charm and character. All the needed resources can be found close to home. For new appliances, flooring and cabinetmaking, Ébénisterie St-Denis will provide access to quality products and services. Design consultation is a good idea for most homeowners, because it can help to focus resources for maximum effect.

When talking about design, a contemporary kitchen will often call for sleek styling, large, open, flat surfaces, and a feeling of “less-is-more”. For this type of kitchen renovation, the cabinets will feature sharp edges, clean-cut corners and very little in the way of accessories. Appliances are often “masked” or hidden, and disguised to look like the rest of the cabinetry. Color schemes can be muted or bright, and the lighting system will enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Contemporary kitchen renovation | Ébénisterie St-Denis

The scope of a kitchen renovation will vary for a variety of reasons. Some home owners may be prepping a home for sale, while others may be building their own dream kitchen. Partial renovations, done properly, offer the best return on investment. Neutral colors, and versatile colors that get along with a lot of other colors, are best bets when getting a property ready for market. More personalized touches and colors can make a statement for home owners who intend to use the improvements themselves. A contemporary kitchen can work with a number of architectural home styles, and with a variety of construction materials. The minimalism of a contemporary kitchen also makes it an easy-to-clean space, which has great utility for today’s on-the-go families.

This is a good time to start a kitchen renovation project, and kitchen designers at Ébénisterie St-Denis are ready to work today, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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