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Custom-made furniture created by qualified carpenters

Are you looking for custom-made furniture to furnish and decorate your living room? Do you want to liven up your frequently used rooms, such as bedrooms, the kitchen and the library? Have your furniture custom-made by the designers at Ébénisterie St-Denis, located close to Montreal.

Custom-made TV unit | Ébénisterie St-Denis

A designer in your home

By working together with the client, the designer is in a position to provide the manufacturing instructions for the desired TV unit, built-in wardrobe or bookcase. Each piece of custom-made furniture is meticulously and expertly conceived, with room layout, wall color and flooring type (tiles, parquet, carpets, etc.) taken into account, among other aspects.

In the case of a TV unit, the size of the television is of course taken into consideration before the custom-made TV unit is designed. It is more than just a simple stand: it is a decorative element in its own right, matching the color and form of the objects and walls around it.

A wide range of modern materials

We employ different kinds of material in our cabinetmaking, each of which has its own advantages. Wood and wood-veneer are fairly classic materials, but they are very nice to look at and touch, as well as being very durable. Opaque lacquer is frequently used for kitchen furniture. Acrylic and European laminate are very contemporary and, equally, very popular with our clients.

Custom-made fitted wardrobes are customizable to your needs and your daily routine. In addition to being practical and customized to your clothing collection (by quantity and type), our fitted wardrobes are also designed to be decorative and modern.

Ébénisterie St-Denis: more than 35 years of service and know-how

Are you planning to furnish your house or apartment? Make us part of your vision.

Ébénisterie St-Denis is a family-run business founded in 1979 by Maurice and Marie-Christine St-Denis. The company always ensures its clients are satisfied, achieving its standards through the high quality and recognized expertise of its designers and employees.

You can contact us to arrange for a designer to visit your home, or you can come straight to our showroom located in Terrasse-Vaudreuil. Opening times are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

L'Ébénisterie St-Denis - specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as furniture manufacturing.
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