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Design service

While kitchen cabinets may be a big investment, not only can they improve the functionality of your kitchen, but they also add value to your home. Ébénisterie St-Denis has an in-house design service. You can meet with our expert designer either at your home or in our store’s showroom. This is a sure way to turn your kitchen into a multifunctional, stylized, organized and efficient room.

Given the large number of materials and styles available, selecting the right kitchen cabinets can seem a daunting business at first. Our designer will assist you in this process. We take special care to note all information relevant to your project, in order to develop the design that suits you best.
Design & conception services

Ébénisterie St-Denis’ design service

Our showroom includes a wide variety of materials along with a large sample of cabinet doors. Our design service supports you throughout the whole design process of your project: by choosing cabinet doors along with high quality hardware, storage solutions and kitchen accessories at the cutting edge of technology, or with selecting a countertop surface that is both beautiful and practical.

The designer suggests arrangements to suit your style. Our attention to detail gives each project its uniqueness: the right backsplash, the color and texture of cabinets, the wood type of the floor, the colors of the paint, etc..

Our design service is just another proof of our dedication to customer satisfaction. Ébénisterie St-Denis offers turnkey project options that will enhance the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. In addition to its design service, our team of experts is involved from the conception to completion of each project, may it be production, management or installation’s many important details.

Our designer can either come to your home or you can benefit from this service at our store’s showroom. This last option allows you to see the whole range of styles and materials offered by Ébénisterie St-Denis. Contact us for more information on our design services!

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