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Eco Friendly Kitchens: “Green” and Attractive

Remodeling a kitchen with eco-friendly materials is a great way to update your home, make a “green” statement, and add re-sale value to your residence. There’s an entire range of earth-friendly options to choose from when planning a renovation project, all the way from a do-it-yourself re-use of existing material to having a custom designed commercial-grade kitchen installed by a team of professionals. One of the keys to an attractive and functional kitchen is choosing a cabinet style that works with the character of the home. Ébénisterie St-Denis is the right choice, since you’ll want to deal with a local carpenter who knows what it means to work and build with eco-friendly materials.

Ébénisterie St-Denis Eco-friendly materials

The choice of eco-friendly materials sets the tone for the project, and this is where you can start to “green” things up. This can take the form of utilizing locally produced materials and supplies, which take less energy to get to the job site than items that have to be shipped half-way around the world. Using easily sustainable materials such as bamboo for cabinet work makes eco sense because less energy, time and resources are used to produce the bamboo than other materials. Salvaging and re-finishing previously used cabinets can save on landfill space, though care should be exercised to avoid the use of products containing formaldehyde. For re-finishing cabinets, use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) stains and varnishes which are much friendlier to the atmosphere.

Most older MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinetry was made with formaldehyde as a binding agent, and formaldehyde is known to trigger asthma attacks and has been associated with other health concerns as well. These days you can find an MDF cabinet that is made without the addition of formaldehyde, but prices may not suit every budget. Your carpenter can help you balance your choices among several factors, maximizing the positive environmental benefits of your kitchen.

Ébénisterie St-Denis is a good place to find a skilled carpenter for cabinetmaking, one who can translate your vision into a “green” reality. Don’t rush, ask a lot of questions and share your environmental concerns

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