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Realize your eco-friendly projects with Ébénisterie St-Denis

Environmental issues are a major concern nowadays, and it is imperative to take these aspects into account when undertaking future projects in various areas. The design of new products is no exception to the rule, and manufacturers are now seeking to integrate the environmental factor into their fabrication processes. Consumers, too, are interested in purchasing products made from environmentally friendly materials: consumer society now realizes that the stakes have changed.

Eco-friendly materials | Eco-friendly cabinets and countertops | Ébénisterie St-Denis

Ébénisterie St-Denis is a company that specializes in furniture design as well as kitchen and bathroom renovation. The company operates in compliance with the latest environmental norms, using both natural and eco-friendly materials.

When planning to install or renovate a kitchen or a bathroom, cupboards are one of the essential components. It is therefore important to carefully choose the material they are made from.
Various materials can be used for the manufacture of cupboards. Wood is the most common and is available in many varieties, offering a range of options.

Eco-friendly cabinets in solid-wood with glue-laminated panels are one of the options available. These materials have good eco-friendly credentials and are environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly cabinets in veneer offer a way of personalizing your fixtures according to your own tastes and preferences. Bamboo veneer can be used to excellent effect. Layers of around 0.6 mm in thickness are compressed onto the supporting material, resulting in a magnificent finish.

Bamboo veneer can be applied to all the aforementioned fixtures.

All members of the family make use of countertops, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is therefore essential to choose solid, durable materials when installing these them in frequently used rooms.
Bathroom countertops are not chosen the same way as kitchen countertops. Bathrooms are humid and subject to very high levels of condensation. A water and moisture resistant material must be used.
The use of environmentally friendly materials also has its place in the kitchen. Several kinds of materials are available, allowing the most beautiful effects to be achieved.

There is currently a strong trend towards the use of recycled materials, and the use of recycled glass in countertops results in a splendid finished product.
Indeed, bottles and small jars are transformed, through recycling, into veritable works of art. Countertops made in this way can really add a special touch to your room, and the manufacturing process is both environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Eco-friendly countertops made from recycled glass are very popular at the moment. It is a material combining aesthetic quality with sustainable development and which is available in many varieties, offering numerous possibilities: ecology at the service of production.

Eco-friendly countertops made from soapstone offer the same characteristics. The material is extracted from quarries, in the same way as marble or granite, and looks magnificent. Its use is increasing rapidly.

The eco-friendly materials used today in furniture and fittings design have been chosen with enviromental considerations in mind, and Ébénisterie St-Denis is available for all your project needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit portfolio. Tell us what you want, and we will turn your ideas into reality, while respecting the environment.

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