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How to take measurements

A plan containing measures is an essential tool to start the conception of your renovation project. Measures allow our professionals to visualize the room to renovate and what can be modified or not. The final measuring will be done by one of our expert employee, but following these instructions will help us immensely with the creation process.

  • Make a sketch plan of the walls of the room
  • Measure each interior wall
  • Specify the height of the walls
  • Indicate all openings , including frames
  • Specify the height of the opening from the ground

Also identify the characteristics of the room, for example, half-walls, false ceilings, beams, etc.

Measuring a room to renovate

It may be that certain elements must remain in the same place. This is often the case for switches and electrical sockets, some household appliances, plumbing and ventilation. Measure from the wall to the center of each of those element, as well as their individual width.

Measuring a room to renovate

You must also provide measures of the items you want to keep, for example if some appliances remain in your your kitchen after your renovations. Here is which measures to note for some common elements :

  • Embedded sink and stove: measure their width and depth
  • Hood, microwave, oven and refrigerator: measure their widths , heights and depths
  • Measure the width of your dishwasher
  • For a regular stove, measure its width and height (including all top parts)

These measurements will help Ébénisterie St-Denis professionals in designing a customized room for you, which will contain all the functionality and aesthetics your dream for your home. Our designers can plan adequate storage spaces, even if the size of your room are unconventional. They will do wonders to meet all your needs within your budget .

If in doubt about how to measure your rooms , do not hesitate to contact us!

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