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Installing a kitchen island

The integration of an island in your kitchen has many benefits, including allowing some additional features in the room or adding storage space. Two principles underlie the choice of the ideal kitchen island: the space available in the room and the function or functions you want to see fulfilled by your island.

Ideal location for your island

Your island should not interfere with the overall flow or living pattern in the kitchen, except to enhance it. At a minimum, the space left around should be around 36 inches (90 cm) wide. Also, the island must of course remain functional. Calculate two feet deep for the worktop. The height also depends on the functions the island is designed for. For example, the worktop should normally be the same height as your countertops, but if you plan to integrate a lunch counter, the latter will be higher. In fact, the more functions you give to your island, the bigger it will be.
Installing a kitchen island
If you want your kitchen island to also serve as cooking area, you need to make room for this function, but also for preparing food nearby, putting down dishes and accessories, and ideally for storing the latter (and thus having them at hand: knives, plates, pans, spices, etc.). Make sure that electricity or gas can be connected by a specialist, and do not forget a hood for ventilation. The same principle applies to the plumbing when you plan to incorporate a sink or a dishwasher to your island.

The possibilities are endless in terms of functionality and style. If you often have people over for dinner, it would be convenient for your kitchen island to contain a small cellar or refrigerated drawers. You can choose to harmonize your island with the rest of your kitchen, or to make it a distinct design element. Ask Ébénisterie St-Deniskitchen island professionals!

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