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When Electrical Appliances Reinvent the Kitchen

Whether to purchase a new kitchen appliance or to replace an old one is a genuine decision: the products available on the market offer more and more technological advancements, so much that it is difficult for the consumer to choose what product is most suitable for him or her. Choosing electrical appliances is a matter during which one must take into account ergonomics, performance, and aesthetic criteria: a difficult combination to figure out without the advice of a professional.

Kitchen appliances

Innovative Electrical Applicances

Smart kitchen appliances are more than science fiction: the modular cook top, the Wi-fi refrigerator, the retractable hood, the cooking robot, the self-operating vacuum cleaner, the vaccuuming oven, and many other technological prowesses allow the consumer to conquer the kitchen. The trend is toward kitchen appliances that are connected, self-operating and clever. From small devices to large kitchen appliances, manufacturers use ingenuity to compete in making time-saving, reliable products that are pleasing to the eye. If the choice is difficult for the newbie, professional advice will allow him or her to choose electrical appliances that are adapted to the needs and lifestyle of each home.

Think Energy Efficient!

One way to be responsible is to improve in consumption efficiency: that’s why kitchen appliances are becoming more and more faultless in reducing their affect on the ecological footprint. Energy saving devices are distinguished by their low energy use, despite very strict standards such as the “Energy Star” mark. Washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances are designed to monitor their water, electricity, and even detergent use. Figuring out the profitability of these appliances requires professional advice, in order to allow the consumer to appreciate the long term benefits.

When Design and Kitchen Make for a Nice Household…

The open-style kitchen was an improvement to a room that has often been neglected in the field. Consequently, the useful and the pleasant are flawlessly combined: choosing electrical appliances must be about both the performance and the aesthetics of the kitchen appliance. When assisted by the designers at Ébénisterie St-Denis, we not only get the advice and experience of competent professionals who will help develop our kitchen, we are also get access to a wide range of high performance products due to their shopping proficiency.

Our designers will gladly help you select your new kitchen appliances.

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