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A perfectly suited countertop

Appearance is only one factor to consider when choosing a countertop that is appropriate to your needs. You must also consider its use and the room for which it is intended. Also, if you intend to sell your property, it is better to choose a countertop with a style that is more neutral, or likely to appeal to the greatest audience.

Things To consider when selecting a countertop

A bathroom countertop does not require the exact same features as a kitchen countertop. For example, humidity reaches higher levels in the bathroom than the kitchen. The countertop must be resistant to water and mildew. Aesthetically speaking, bathrooms generally have less daylight than some kitchens. The room is also smaller. In short, you must sketch a plan and measure the space available for the countertop. Also ask yourself what your needs are. Do you want to invest time in its maintenance? Do you prefer one or two sinks ? Is the plumbing adequate?
Choosing a countertop
The kitchen countertop is all about the functions you want it to have. Will you use your kitchen a lot? Will you bake and cook and cut for hours? You must take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen material, as its resistance to scratches and blades, heat, stains, acid substances, water, etc. Each material has its pros and cons, and its price! To remain within budget is crucial for several renovation projects.

A feature remains essential for many people: the antibacterial properties of materials such as stainless steel and quartz. While the bathroom countertop may prove to be a place conducive to microbial growth, the kitchen should also be hygienic enough for safe food preparation. Also, common sanitary products should be enough for cleaning your new countertop. In short, you determine what features as priorities for your countertop. You decide on your budget. Let Ébénisterie St-Deniscountertop experts advise you on the best materials for your project.

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