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Brighten your kitchen with proper lighting

Everyone who enjoys preparing delicious dishes knows that to cook well, you need to be able to see well! But the kitchen is also where you and your family gather for lunch, or perhaps other meals. That’s why kitchen lighting plays an important role and has to be adapted to suit different daily needs. Here are some tips to help you see better…
Kitchen lighting

Lighting: The Essential Ingredient

Kitchen lighting can come in different forms: general lighting, functional lighting, mood lighting or purely decorative lighting. General lighting, which gives off a central light from a ceiling fixture, needs to be complemented by other sources of light. The most important light source in your kitchen is functional lighting: placed above different work surfaces, it allows you to work comfortably. Mood lighting produces a welcoming effect and is suited for lighting up dining areas. As for decorative lighting, this allows you to accent the lines of your furniture or to show off an ornament on a shelf, or a frame hung on your wall.

Vary your types of lighting

Useful lighting – that is, central lighting that is installed above work surfaces – must be energy efficient and easy to maintain. For example, energy saving light bulbs and glass and aluminum components are used. From a practical perspective, spotlights built into a suspended ceiling or lamps placed on a rail allow you to direct light. Mood and decorative lighting are your chance to display your creativity: neon tubes or LED strips for shelving installations, wall lamps for your hanging frames and pendant lights above your dining area are some of the options available.

Leave it to a professional

Designing sensible, harmonious kitchen lighting isn’t as easy as you might think: users’ habits and the layout of the room require installation on a case-by-case basis to avoid fittings that are uncomfortable, superfluous or do not match. The designers at Ébénisterie St-Denis have the flair and skills that are indispensable for quality lighting: the tailor-made solutions they offer, the search for matching products and the creation of a made-to-measure kitchen lighting plan guarantee every kitchen the lighting it deserves.

Feel free to contact us if you require additional information on kitchen lighting.

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