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Have a kitchen renovation plan?

What is it about kitchen renovation that brings out the “planner” in everyone? “Have a plan, have a plan, have a plan.” This is the mantra heard from kitchen design professionals, appliance dealers, contractors, laborers and the neighbor across the street. Yes, have a plan. That’s great, but what about the period before the shiny new plan; how do home owners devise this wonderful “plan”?

A good start is to answer the question of why a kitchen renovation seems like a good idea. The answer(s) will give direction to the project. It could be that a lack of counter space, aging and inefficient appliances and tired-looking floors and cabinets are all calling for fresh kitchen design. In the Montreal area, preparing a home for resale is a common reason for kitchen renovation, especially since kitchen projects promise a good return on investment, and a “new” kitchen shows well to prospective buyers. The reasons for change may be more personal. Maybe the home chef is frustrated by a lack of cabinets, cramped workspace or by poor “traffic flow” in the kitchen. Again, the answers help to shape design, which then becomes the vaunted “plan”.

Kitchen renovation design | Ébénisterie St-Denis

So, with a basic plan, or at least some solid ideas, it’s time to find the folks who can get the job done. Montreal is home to many fine craft workers and home improvement specialists. For Ébénisterie St-Denis is a great place to find a talented set-of-hands and outstanding workmanship. A good kitchen design will help maximize space, minimizing clutter and achieve the right “feel”.Bouncing ideas off someone “in-the-know” also helps to keep kitchen design within manageable boundaries, because there is a natural tendency for home owners to try to do too much in the way of renovation, and to overfill rooms with excessive gadgetry and accessories.

A spacious new kitchen, with a few choice appliances, will invigorate any Montreal home. Contact Ébénisterie St-Denis and let us plan out every detail.

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