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Renovation steps

Important Steps for your renovation

Here are some essential steps to ensure your renovation is a success and minimize the inconveniences.

Work Planning


It’s time to dream your perfect room. Make a wish list. However, you must be realistic and calculate the budget of your renovation project, and determine your priorities.

Ébénisterie St-Denis has an in-house designer to help you create the detailed plan of your kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, with the right materials and optimum functionality.

Site Preparation

You must obtain the necessary permits prior to construction. You also need to consider the period of time between ordering your materials and receiving each item, so you can plan in advance for everything to be delivered at the right time. Prepare the site by releasing the rooms to renovate from all their furniture and personal items. Be sure to isolate the site from the rest of the house to prevent the spread of dust and noise. Big renovations may require you to relocate temporarily.
Étapes pour la rénovation (renovation steps)


Although Ébénisterie St-Denis offers turnkey renovation solutions, it is essential that you follow the work closely. Discuss with the contractor as soon as you have any questions. If you want to change the project along the way, look together at all alternatives, and adjust the contract accordingly.


This is the official start of the works, and of some disorder. Ask friends or a demolition team to come help you.

Infrastructure Layout

Call professionals for plumbing, heating or electricity works. When wires and pipes are installed, insulate the walls before closing them. Then you have to paint them before installing cabinets and flooring.


The carpenter installs cabinets. For the kitchen, once these are level and square, a template is made for the counter. Then the home appliances come. The gas must be connected by a certified specialist. The counter, backsplash and sink are installed at the same time. The final touch is lighting, when the electrician comes back to complete the electrical panel and to install fixtures.

If you require additional information, please communicate with Ébénisterie St-Denis‘ experts.

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